Our story begins in Maxey sur Meuse, a small village in Lorraine.

In a beautiful farm out of a fairy tale and full of chirping birds ........

Oiseaux Oiseaux

...live Hubert et Annie, the grand-parents!

They have always loved nature and especially birds. Annie cuddle them and Hubert love to photograph and film them. One day Hubert, having a walk, saw a bird on a weathercock ... and then an idea came to him: why not try to make a weathercock looking like a bird? And so, he started his prototypes. After many attempts and hours spent in the workshop, the first giroiseau of history was born! From that moment he never stopped building them ... it made ducks, roosters, chickadees, and even a big flamingo and a goose with all babies! Conquered by his enthusiasm and passion, we asked him to teach us the art of giroiseaux, which he did with great pleasure!

After a hard weekend of teching and training, and after several attempts, we managed to learn well his art, and he gave us the authorization to produce its giroiseaux! And then us, Lorenzo and Fanny, engineers with a passion for DIY and nature, we decided to turn our passion into work, and is the result!


Un big thank to granpa Hubert and to grandma Annie for having helped us!