Weathervane for garden robin

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 The body length is 45cm and the wings length is 45 cm.

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Handmade weathervanes for garden decoration. Weather-resistants materials.
Direct sale from manufacturer in Switzerland and Europe


In Scandinavian countries it was sacred to Thor, the god of fire and thunder. In the Amerindian tribes of the Tlingit he was said to have been created by the raven to cheer humans with his singing. The robin (Erithacus rubecola), according to legend, would have gotten the typical red patch on his chest, trying to remove the nails from the cross of Christ. Another version said that it had burned itschest with hellfire bringing water to the souls of the damned. Symbol of altruism and generosity, if it visits a sleeper in a dream, it announces a new beginning or a positive transformation. In some parts of Britain, he is believed to have brought the fire to Earth, taking a long journey until arriving in front of the Creator, who made him sit on his lap. God, afraid it would burn its weathers feathers, told it: "Remember not to fly too fast on your way back among humans." But on his return, when it saw all anxiously waiting, it quickened; then happened to it what good God had expected, and it burned its feathers, that from that day are red! Since then, it is also called "cock" of God.

Positive messages of the robin:

  • protection;
  • reborn;
  • good news;
  • altruism and generosity;
  • independency and loyalty;
  • curiosity;


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Weathervane for garden robin

Weathervane for garden robin

 The body length is 45cm and the wings length is 45 cm.