Weathervane for garden parrot

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 The body length is 55cm and the wings length is 40 cm.

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Handmade weathervanes for garden decoration. Weather-resistants materials.
Direct sale from manufacturer in Switzerland and Europe


The parrot carries the colors of the spiritual tradition of South America. They symbolize the beauty of life. The macaw, which make their nests on the treetops or steep rocks, is considered an avatar of celestial fire. Her long red feathers are solar symbols. The pursuit of these feathers is certainly one of the reasons that led the Incas to enter the forests of eastern Peru. About New World parrots, K. Korla cites two curious anecdotes. The first is that Columbus was led to change its course and thus reach the new continent when he saw a flock of parrots signaling the proximity of land. The second, which strangely recalls the history of the Capitoline geese, tells how the native inhabitants of a village in Panama were warned of the impending arrival of the Spanish invaders by the cries of tame parrots.

The messages of the parrot:

  • beauty
  • communication
  • creativity


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Weathervane for garden parrot

Weathervane for garden parrot

 The body length is 55cm and the wings length is 40 cm.