Weathervane for garden stork


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 The body length is 55cm and the wings length is 40 cm.

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Handmade weathervanes for garden decoration. Weather-resistants materials.
Direct sale from manufacturer in Switzerland and Europe


The ancients attribute to the stork, dedicated to Juno, the gift of clairvoyance. It is the emblem of filial piety and of parental love because she never abandons its old parents (they say she feeds her aging father) and do not hesitate to die for his babies. It continues to be related to birth ,and the folklore often assigns to it the role of bringing newborns; this could be related to its migratory bird manners, his return corresponding to the awakening of nature. Indeed, the stork, like the swallow, brings spring with it because it appears only when the weather is mild. 

Positive messages of the stork:

  • Filial piety
  • Born
  • Awakening
  • Re-born


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Weathervane for garden stork

Weathervane for garden stork

 The body length is 55cm and the wings length is 40 cm.