Weathervane for garden dove

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 The body length is 45cm and the wings length is 40 cm.

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Handmade weathervanes for garden decoration. Weather-resistants materials.
Direct sale from manufacturer in Switzerland and Europe 


The doves symbolize in the first place love and fidelity. Indeed, the bird is known to keep the same spouse until his death. The couple shares tasks, including brooding.

In Amerindian culture, it is customary to offer a dove quill to someone to make a declaration of love.

The dove of peace is a symbol commonly used to embody nonviolence. It originates as we have seen from the story of the Flood in the Bible where Noah on his ark saves all the animal species in the world. At the end, a dove, bearing an olive branch, announces the withdrawal of the waters and the beginning of peace on Earth. It is also a symbol of hope and happiness found again.

The flight of the birds leads them to serve as a symbol of freedom, a link between heaven and earth. This universal symbolism is evidently related to the beauty and grace of this bird. Its immaculate whiteness, combined with the ease of its flight, confers on it that ethereal aspect which brings it closer to the spiritual world.

Positive messages from the dove:

  • love
  • loyalty
  • purity
  • hope
  • happiness
  • freedom


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Weathervane for garden dove

Weathervane for garden dove

 The body length is 45cm and the wings length is 40 cm.